Here's the story...

Who are we?

Warm Springs is a turn-key production company, a team of 80+ full-time staff that specialize in creating captivating television from start to finish. Development, pre- and post-production, editorial, graphics, VFX, audio engineering, color—we do it all happily from the heart of Big Sky Country: Missoula, Montana.

We’re bring-your-dogs-to-work kind of people. We rank humor as a foundational pillar of our operation (and sanity). We encourage friendships among colleagues and celebrate creativity and hard work. We believe that who we are as humans matters to how we perform as professionals.

Our roots

From day one, we set out to do production differently. Instead of following the industry standard—a gig-based model that relies on freelancers—Marc Pierce and Chris Richardson built Warm Springs on the foundation that giving people job security, respect and growth opportunities, both financially and professionally, would enable them to perform better and have fun doing it.

Each team member is an invaluable part of the whole, so when our staff collaborates series after series, their skills grow, their relationships deepen, and we’re able to consistently make top-selling, award-winning television.

Our founders live and work by several simple concepts: treat people with fairness, honesty and respect; pursue creativity and innovation at all levels; exceed expectations; seek enriching projects; and make sure people are laughing (preferably not at us). These concepts have helped our growing team over-deliver on every project and build fulfilling and enriching lives both on and off the set.