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We relentlessly pursue creativity and innovation at all levels. From the point our crew plans production to the moment we send the final tape to the networks, we’re constantly striving to thrill the viewer with the end product, while treating everyone we encounter along the way with
honesty and respect.


Mountain Men

Mountain Menreality

Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without….

Louisiana Law

Louisiana Lawoutdoor + reality

LOUISIANA LAW follows the men and women of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as they patrol one of the most geographically diverse states in the U.S., with a jurisdiction that ranges from 200 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico up to the border of Arkansas. With the authority to enforce all fish and wildlife laws in addition to state and federal criminal laws, the wildlife agents of Louisiana are tasked with protecting the natural resources of the state and are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, often patrolling alone and miles from backup. Audiences will travel deep into the woods and bayous with these wildlife agents as they encounter perilous situations that affect wildlife and citizens alike, all in the name of conservation.

How America Works

How America Worksdocumentary + reality

Mike Rowe pulls back the curtain to celebrate the men and women who work tirelessly
to tackle the unseen, difficult and often dangerous tasks that must be done to perfection
to keep America functioning in the many ways that we take for granted.

American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch

American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulchoutdoor + reality

Five brothers leverage their life savings to buy 60 long abandoned mines in Bear Gulch, Montana, hoping to prove a family legend and claim one of the largest untapped gold structures in North America.

The Craftsman

The Craftsman

The Craftsman follows Eric Hollenback, a master craftsman who recreates and restores historical objects. Eric connects his community of Eureka, California to its Victorian past by giving old objects and homes a second chance at life through restoration.

American Dream Home

American Dream Homelifestyle + reality

When people work hard, they prove the American Dream is still alive by buying a dream
home. Hosted by FBN’s Cheryl Casone, American Dream Home: Beach Life follows
unfolding stories of homebuyers looking for their perfect home

Island Hunters

Island Hunterslifestyle

Follow some lucky buyers who aren't just looking for a house, they're looking the ultimate getaway — their own private island! Follow families as they tour three separate islands, complete with vacation homes and gorgeous beachfronts. Then see which beautiful tropical island escape they choose!

Beach Hunters

Beach Hunterslifestyle

We’re traveling to some of the most exquisite beach destinations around to help buyers search for their dream homes on the sand. Follow the entire process from start to finish as each episode introduces a prospective buyer and agent and takes us along for the entire journey of their search. And for these Beach Hunters, it’s all about location, location, location.

Stay or Sell

Stay or Selllifestyle

Husband-and-wife duo Brad and Heather Fox own their own renovation business in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and together they renovate, design and flip homes in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Fish or Die

Fish or Diereality

Four die-hard anglers are determined to be the first to fish the most remote waters in the world, or die trying. Friends Chris, Thad, Brian and Jay team up to raft, drive, and hack their way to hidden, mysterious waters in search of legendary fish.

Legends and Lies: The Civil War

Legends and Lies: The Civil Wardocudrama

Why was the Civil War necessary? This new season of Legends & Lies will reveal that while slavery is a the heart of the Civil War, most Americans were racially biased against Americans of African descent. While some were morally opposed to the “peculiar institution of slavery” most who fought for on the bloodied battlefields and in the rowdy political arenas were motivated by other interests, those interests will be the focus of our third chapter of Legends & Lies.
Abraham Lincoln. Robert E. Lee. Frederick Douglass. U.S. Grant. Legends branded into the fabric of our nation’s identity. But are they just man-made gods constructed by propaganda and ideologies? Were these unique, extraordinary individuals born to transform the world around them? Or were they just ordinary men enduring a nation at war with itself?
At its core, this series will draw from historical expertise and cultural contemporaries to unearth the “human” story and experience that’s often lost in Revolutionary War history. Each episode will open with a recreation of the defining moment that made our heroes legendary. Then, by utilizing lush re-enactments of the events that forged our legend’s DNA we will enter the world of The American Revolution. Expert Analysis and insightful commentary will operate in tandem to strip down embellishments, eventually ending with a balanced view of a once distorted icon.
Was Abraham Lincoln really an abolitionist? Did General Lee honestly believe in the enslavement of African-Americans? Did Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad stem from hallucinations and seizures? Questions will be answered. The heart of The Civil War will be exposed, ultimately, allowing viewers to separate the Legend from the Lie.

Log Cabin Living

Log Cabin Livinglifestyle

Follow folks as they ditch the hustle and bustle and go on a journey to find the quintessential escape in Log Cabin Living. They’ll navigate this unusual real estate market as they search for their perfect log home retreat. From access to everyday necessities, entertainment and recreational activities, to a whole new set of maintenance requirements, will they trade predictable living for a chance to live out their wildest dreams in a secluded log cabin?

Mountain Mamas

Mountain Mamaslifestyle

People are moving to Montana in droves and move-in ready properties are getting scooped up quickly. Real estate mavens Jackie Wickens and Trecie Wheat Hughes help clients sort through a variety of historic homes from log cabins to ranch houses in need of a little TLC. With Trecie's sharp design sense and Jackie's contruction know-how, they'll find their clients diamonds in the rough and transform them into Montana dream homes.

Building Off The Grid

Building Off The Gridlifestyle

Imagine living a simpler life in a beautiful location surrounded by nothing but nature- no traffic, no neighbors, and not a single utility bill. All across the country, people are doing just that. Thousands of Americans make the plunge each year into off-the-grid living.

“Building Off The Grid” follows these individuals as they build their own homes from start to finish. It can be a challenging journey, testing even the hardiest of adventurists… but the rewards, can be incredible.

Last Outpost

Last Outpostreality

Longtime friends Clint Greathouse and Todd Anderson have a passion for extreme machines and for helping those who live off the land and off the grid in Alaska’s wild backcountry. Now they’re turning that passion into a business. At CT Mad Modz, Clint and Todd repurpose equipment so their normally self-reliant clients can survive and thrive in the middle of nowhere.

Mountain Life

Mountain Lifelifestyle

From the wooded peaks of the East Coast’s Blue Ridge to Hawaii’s tropical Mauna Loa, the mountains are the ultimate retreat for people who want to get away from it all. The gorgeous views, fresh air, and the sheer joy of sitting on top of the world are a few of the elements that draw homeowners to these remote locations. We’ll follow families as they search for their oases in the clouds.

Legends and Lies: The Patriots

Legends and Lies: The Patriotsdocudrama

Legends & Lies – The Patriots uses dramatic recreations of historic events to re-examine the stories Americans think they know about our country. The 10-part series dispels the exaggerations and falsehoods which have developed over the years, shedding new light on iconic characters and their stories. Legends & Lies cuts through the myths and brings untold truths to the screen for the first time.

Executive Producer Bill O’Reilly combines his own historic research with the knowledge of leading experts, to paint a new picture of the heroes and patriots who shape America as a Nation. From Sam and John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington- experience the personal struggles of these iconic characters as they transform a regional conflict into a revolution that will define the Unites States of America and change the entire history of the world.

No Man’s Land

No Man’s Landreality

No Man’s Land follows the everyday lives of five individuals who make a living in some of the most extreme desert environments in the United States. The series will chronicle their stories as they battle extreme temperatures, volatile weather, and stealthy predators in order to survive.

Duck Commander

Duck Commanderoutdoor

The Robertson family is the name in duck calls and they have revolutionized the duck hunting industry. Duck Commander follows this family as it deals with the duck call business while trying to find that perfect balance of family and hunting time.

Legends and Lies: The Real West

Legends and Lies: The Real Westdocudrama

Legends & Lies - The Real West uses dramatic recreations of historic events to re-examine the stories Americans think they know about our country. The 10-part series dispels the exaggerations and falsehoods which have developed over the years, shedding new light on iconic characters and their stories. Legends & Lies cuts through the myths and brings untold truths to the screen for the first time.
Executive Producer Bill O’Reilly combines his own historic research with the knowledge of leading experts, to paint a new picture of the heroes and villains who shape America’s Wild West. From Davy Crockett to Jesse James, Billy the Kid and George Custer - experience the personal struggles of these iconic characters as they transform the country in the push west that will define the Unites States of America as the continent wide, international superpower it becomes.

Ultimate Pools

Ultimate Poolslifestyle

Ultimate Pools is a peek over the fence into some of the coolest backyards in the country where giant waterfalls and firey rock arches take swimming pools to the extreme. This series takes an in-depth look at how homeowners and designers team up to transform ordinary yards and pools into extraordinary water playgrounds that are the envy of the neighborhood.

7 Water Wonders

7 Water Wonderslifestyle

In some of the most picturesque coastal areas around the globe, it's not just the beach that has everyone talking. Tropical resorts are giving pool time a whole new meaning, with adrenaline-pumping thrills, fun for the whole family, total relaxation and sky's-the-limit service. This season, we're heading to some of the most exclusive, jaw-dropping resort pools in the world to show you the seven water wonders.

Buck Commander

Buck Commanderoutdoor

Join current and former MLB superstars Chipper Jones, Matt Duff, Adam LaRoche, Ryan Langerhans and Tombo Martin as they team up with ‘Boss Hogg’ Willie Robertson in Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour. From batting practice to bow practice and outfield to in-the-field, every episode highlights the camaraderie, comedy and corporate antics of the six co-owners of the Buck Commander company. For these six friends, the end of baseball season is only the beginning.

Deadly Shootouts

Deadly Shootoutsdocudrama

Time stands still when bullets fly. Answers lie hidden beneath the settling smoke. History’s greatest gunfights and their notorious characters come to life- from the Wild West, to gangster hideouts and war torn battlefields. We’ll expose the truth behind the conflicts that have inspired the silver screen, separating the facts from Hollywood fiction. Through ballistic tests, forensic analysis, and stylized recreations, we’ll relive the most famous shootouts of all time.

American River Renegades

American River Renegadesreality

American River Renegades follows a breed of men who live outside the norm and call America’s rivers and tributaries home. From the ice-cold Yukon River to the big muddy Mississippi to the great Pee Dee River in South Carolina down to the flooded deltas of Louisiana, these men live and die by some of the most inhospitable terrain in the country.

Making Monsters

Making Monstersreality

Making Monsters follows the crew of Distortions Unlimited, a world-renowned monster modeling company and a leader in the horror industry. Headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, owner Ed Edmunds and the rest of the crew are followed along as they struggle to make props for a number of haunted houses, celebrities, and halloween expos.

Pond Stars

Pond Starsreality

Pond Stars follows the wild world of pond building, as this talented team transforms uninspired spaces into water feature wonderlands, bringing wildlife into backyards and public areas all across America.

Backcountry Rescue

Backcountry Rescuereality

It’s time to embed with the best backcountry rescue team in America—Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR). This remarkable collection of everyday heroes stands ready 24-7-365 to respond to all kinds of extreme emergency situations in the wild country surrounding Jackson, Wyoming. It takes a special breed of human to do this work and TCSAR boasts a congregation of seasoned volunteer specialists ready to drop everything and answer the call. The team handles more than 60 “call outs” or rescues a year. So we follow an ensemble cast of characters, revealing their normal, everyday lives and the moments when they dive into the controlled chaos of live rescues.

Cougar V. Wolf

Cougar V. Wolfdocumentary

Wolves and cougars are increasingly at war because wolf packs continue to multiply and spread into parts of the Rocky Mountains dominated for decades by cougars. Now, big cat wrangler Boone Smith tracks the most recent wolf and cat skirmishes as he delves into why these two big predators carry on the cats vs. dogs rivalry. Boone’s goal is to pinpoint the places where cougar-wolf conflicts most often occur by gathering clues about each creature’s hunting, feeding and fighting behaviors.

Bungalow Reno

Bungalow Renolifestyle

Friends and business partners Susannah Stoltz and Carolina Johnson are taking old, forgotten bungalows and giving them a total makeover in their Pacific Northwest city of Spokane, Washington. From wrought iron chandeliers to salvaged cabinets and old driftwood, these vintage hardware-loving ladies are salvaging anything they find, creating beautiful designs with reclaimed materials and giving these classic homes a brand-new life.

Cabin Reno

Cabin Renolifestyle

Kristy Petrillo has the vision and know-how to spot diamonds in the rustic rough, and the skills to transform them into amazing wilderness getaways. She takes old, rundown log cabins and other dated rustic homes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia and gives them a modern spin, all the while keeping their classic rural charm.

Holmes: Buy It Right

Holmes: Buy It Rightlifestyle

In each half-hour episode of Holmes: Buy It Right , Mike Holmes applies his construction expertise and creative vision to one couple’s search for their dream home. With their favorite properties to choose from, Holmes gets these home buyers to use their heads, in addition to their hearts and gives them the tools they need to make the most important purchase of their lives.

Surviving Zombies

Surviving Zombiesreality

If you can survive the Zombie Apocalypse, you can survive anything!

Samantha Brown’s Cash Attack

Samantha Brown’s Cash Attackreality

Samantha Brown ambushes unsuspecting travelers at destinations around the country with her Cash Attack – a surprise trivia game with the opportunity to win up to $4000 in cash and prizes!

Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg

Fresh Tracks with Randy Newbergoutdoor

Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg takes viewers through a year in the life of one of America’s most dedicated, hard-core hunters – someone who lives hunting 24/7.

Benelli on Assignment

Benelli on Assignmentoutdoor

Benelli On Assignment teams host Joe Coogan with editors, writers and photographers from national outdoor publications to field test and showcase Benelli products at top hunting spots around the world. From the Kalahari Desert to North America’s mountains and spectacular plains and prairies, BOA presents the very best in hunting adventure that will also be featured on the pages of your favorite outdoor magazine.

On Your Own Adventures

On Your Own Adventuresoutdoor

On Your Own Adventures is the only hunting TV show dedicated exclusively to non-guided hunting. Led by host, Randy Newberg, avid sportsman and conservationist, On Your Own Adventures, takes the American hunting experience as it occurs for 90 percent of hunters and brings it to TV.

Bear With Me

Bear With Mereality

An animal expert and his grizzly bear pal help their community coexist with the local wildlife near Yellowstone National Park.

Brad Farris’ Game Plan

Brad Farris’ Game Planoutdoor

Brad Farris’ Game Plan lets viewers delve into the hunting tips and tricks of one of the top hunters in the land

Homes with Friends

Homes with Friendslifestyle

Across the nation, a new trend is emerging; young, budget-conscious Americans are teaming up with friends to buy their first home. Homes with Friends follows these individuals as they search for the perfect place to make this trendy new arrangement work.

Beau Knows Outdoors

Beau Knows Outdoorsoutdoor

Beau Knows Outdoors chronicles the outdoor lifestyles of Beau Turner, son of media tycoon Ted Turner, as Natural Resources Manager for Turner Enterprises, the largest private landholder in the United States. Beau is one of America’s leading conservationists and most respected hunters. This series brings you on the high profile journey of Beau’s everyday life, focusing on his incredible worldwide hunting experiences, and highlighting his number one passion of getting youth, the next generation, involved in the outdoors. Throughout the series, viewers will learn that Beau knows hunting; Beau knows adventure, Beau knows this generation – Beau Knows Outdoors.

Brotherhood Outdoors

Brotherhood Outdoorsoutdoor

Hosted by noted outdoorsman Tom Ackerman, Brotherhood Outdoors is a brand new series of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance that celebrates hardworking American workers as they join Ackerman for outfitted hunting and fishing adventures across North America or turn the tables to act as Tom’s guide, taking him to their own favorite honey holes.

Operation Adventure

Operation Adventureoutdoor

This exciting adventure web series follows an outdoor enthusiast and modern day explorer as he hikes, climbs, bikes and paddle boards through an outdoor destination, bringing us along for the entire ride… and as close to the action as we can get. With cameras mounted on the bikes, kayaks and SUV, we'll see the tree-smacking, rapids-splitting action first hand in all of it's thrilling glory as our Outdoorsman tackles a weekend adventure tour. Fun, rugged and alive, this is a series that will capture adventure sports at its raw essence.





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