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Warm Springs Productions is based in beautiful Montana with offices in Missoula and Manhattan. Our exceptional staff allows us to produce programming with Mojo that Matters. By focusing on innovation and creativity in all areas of production, we pride ourselves on the ability to tell the best story while delivering the highest production value possible.

The company was founded in 2008 by Marc Pierce and Chris Richardson dedicated to a few simple concepts: treat people with fairness, honesty and respect; pursue creativity and innovation at all levels; exceeding expectations; seek enriching projects; and making sure we had a fun company culture that laughs. These concepts have helped us over deliver on our goal of over delivering on every level of production.


It’s important we’re always in front of the next big idea for a television series. Our development team excels at looking for the next big character or unique story with which to make groundbreaking television that will thrill viewers.


Our team of associate producers, coordinators, line producers and multiple casting agents provides the right tools necessary to run a successful production when our crew hits the ground running in the field. Their years of experience in scouting locations, finding the right talent, and transporting crews all around the world makes everything run smoothly when our team hits the ground running.


Warm Springs Productions prides itself in delivering the highest production quality possible when it comes to every aspect of production. From the day filming begins to when we call wrap, we’re always looking to tell impactful stories on set. We work hard to provide the very best cinematography with the highest quality cameras on the market Produced by our in house team of crew members.


Warm Springs Productions has an amazing post production staff. Our highly skilled team is always hyper focused on telling the very best story possible while also making our shows look beautiful. By utilizing in house employees for everything from editorial to graphics to VFX to color and audio, we’re able to continue to push the envelope with new techniques and style and use the best tools on the market to accomplish this.


Our excellent staff is the heartbeat of what makes Warm Springs Productions so unique. At all levels, our crew is dedicated to innovating the way television is made and our employees take pride in working to over deliver on every project. As we’re committed to a work/life balance and a fun culture, we’re thrilled to have a staff that enjoys all the activities that make Montana such a great place to live.