IMG_0249Chris Richardson and Marc Pierce met in 2000 when Marc was hosting a hunting series and Chris was a new cameraman on the production crew.  A friendship was forged from many hours logged in freezing duck blinds, crappy motels and small town bars.

Eight years and countless miles later, Chris was tired of free-lancing and Marc had sold another business and was ready for a new challenge. Thus, they decided to start their own television Prodco and name it after Montana’s State Mental Hospital…..knowing eventually that they would all end up there.

Pierce: “Our goal was to apply what we had learned making outdoor TV for others and add our own personality. We were fortunate to produce and air many different hunting and outdoor series in the first handful of years of our biz, and started to feel a little bit like we knew what we were doing. But we and our core staff wanted more; we wanted to tell stories to even larger audiences”.


Richardson: “Our first big break in mainstream was producing Making Monsters for Travel.  Then Mountain Men became a rock star series for History and we were off to the races and clearly in over our head! We still love the outdoor stuff and always will, but now we believe we can tell any type story with flair, and we really enjoy the diversity of subject matter we feature in our shows.”

IMG_0011Warm Springs now counts cable nets Science, History, Travel, Animal Planet, TNT, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Food, Nat Geo Wild, HGTV and more as clients and friends.

“Since we started we’ve been blessed to gain as team-mates some of the most gifted folks in the business. Men and women that share our commitment to a family friendly company that produces outstanding media in The Last Best Place (Montana)   We call it the Warm Springs “Mojo”.  Its treating people inside and outside our company with respect, having fun and working our tails off to produce great TV.”

– Marc and Chris

Warm Springs now counts over 100 folks staff members within offices in Missoula and Manhattan, Montana.  Mountains can be seen from all windows…..